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Student Care

The students of T.E.I. of Western Greece are granted:

  • Free books and teaching notes.
  • Scholarships, based on their performance in their studies, in conjunction/relation with/ depending to their financial status.
  • Accommodation
  • Free meals

Medical and hospital care

Students of TEI are entitled to full medical and hospital care if they are not insured in other insurance funds.

Special Ticket Card

All students are granted a special card (pass) which provides/allows them reduced fare on public transport.

Sports Centre

The Sports Centre of T.E.I. of Western Greece in Messolonghi is equipped with all the necessary facilities for outdoor football/soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and track & field. It is also equipped with an indoor basketball - volleyball arena sitting 800 spectators, in which games under the auspices of T.E.I. are held. Within the closed stage Stadium operate artistic and rhythmic gymnastics well equipped for sports students under the supervision of trainers.